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First open source 802.11s compliant mesh implementation.
The o11s project has created the first implementation of the IEEE 802.11s draft. This mesh stack has been integrated in the Linux kernel wireless subsystem in the
2.6.26 release, amounting to one fifth of the code of the complete Linux 802.11 stack (mac80211).

This implementation is hardware independent and can work easily with any softmac wireless chipset. Many chipsets, as those from Atheros, Broadcom and Zydas, are already supported.

Platform and Embedded Linux Development
LeapFrog Enterprises Inc. created their Didj educational gaming system, they relied on cozybit for embedded Linux and system integration expertise. cozybit worked closely with LeapFrog from early board bringup through driver development and application support.

Mesh Networking for the One Laptop Per Child
The One Laptop Per Child Foundation had a grand vision: to create the first laptop capable of communicating to others over a mesh network, even to be part of the network while hibernating.

We worked with our client, Marvell, to make that possible and the first prototypes with fully functional mesh were released on April 2007. A presentation about the OLPC mesh is available here.
Free Networking for a 16-bit microcontroller
Cyan Technology wanted to develop a free TCP/IP stack to push their new eCOG1k microcontroller into the low cost remote monitoring market. cozybit evaluated different open source alternatives and we selected the uIP TCP/IP stack, by Adam Dunkels.

In one month, cozybit ported, stress tested, benchmarked and documented the TCP/IP stack that is now available for downloading from Cyan's website (www.cyantechnology.com).

This is what Brian Maloney, Cyan's most senior engineer had to say about us:

"This project was our first with cozybit and our experience has put them at the top of our list for future projects of this type. They were professional, open and responsive to our requirements and queries."
A royalty-free implementation of Mobile IPv6
A European electronic OEM was looking for a royalty-free implementation of the Mobile IPv6 protocol that would run on a StrongARM 1110 microprocessor. cozybit evaluated different open source alternatives and developed a functional prototype based on embedded Linux and The Mobile IPv6 for Linux project. Our customer was bound to a particular operating system for their final design (Windows CE), but having a fully functional open source prototype allowed them to detect interoperability issues, benchmark the proprietary solution and, ultimately, negotiate lower royalties.

The whole project took 3 engineer-months to complete. Additionally, being open source, it benefited from valuable reviews from other developers.

Gurashish Singh Brar, one of the engineers working on the proprietary version of the system, said: I was impressed by the speed at which cozybit could produce a fully working Mobile IPv6 system, based entirely on free software. While our team was trying to get answers from our [closed] software supplier, cozybit were getting the job done, with help from the open source community.
An evaluation of VoIP clients for the Nokia 770
An industry analyst asked cozybit to evaluate open source VoIP clients for the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. To accomplish this, we ported a number of SIP clients to the custom development environment for the 770 and evaluated them on functionality, ease of use, and integration into the 770 user environment. We provided to our customer information on the integration experience and overall recommendations as to the suitability of the different clients. We also assembled a porting guide for the 770 covering the adaptation of application GUIs to the 770's graphical toolset.

The total time spent on the integration and porting for each client was a matter of days, which allowed for a fast assessment of the technical landscape.
Optimization of a network management stack for a Linux-based wireless AP
cozybit was engaged by Devicescape to optimize and extend an existing NetSNMP implementation in a Linux-based wireless software platform.

Working against an aggressive project schedule, cozybit was able to significantly reduce the application footprint as well as implement a number of critical features required in an upcoming release. Final deliverables to the customer included source code and automated unit tests for all new functionality.
A custom application for the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.
The goal was to quickly create a prototype of a mobile application to browse a database of information on the Nokia 770. A prototype was created that allows fast retrieval of information with a minimal number of clicks and without resorting to use of the on-screen keyboard. The prototype was packaged acording to Nokia guidelines so it will install completely from a simple download onto any Nokia 770.

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