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Javier Cardona CEO, Founder
Javier displayed an innate talent to dissect and disassemble electronic devices since his childhood. Hoping to learn how to put them back together he studied engineering.

He has developed embedded software for over ten years, in France, US, UK and Switzerland, for a wide range of applications, from industrial safety to wireless networking. While working as a research fellow at the International Computer Science Institute he became aware of the impact that open source could have on the embedded software market. This success shaped his vision for a new software engineering company that would work with electronic equipment manufacturers to help them take advantage of open source in their designs: cozybit.

Javier holds a Telecommunications Engineer degree from UPC, and a Master of Engineering from Alari, Switzerland.
Brian Cavagnolo Embedded Software Mechanic
In an effort to develop advanced tinkering skills, Brian studied signal processing and embedded systems at Berkeley. He graduated in 2000 with a Bachelors of Science.

Since then he has wandered around the universe leaving a path of optimized software, benchmarks, duct tape, and chewing gum. He joined cozybit in 2006 to follow an irresistible pull towards Linux and other open source software for embedded systems.
Luis Carlos Cobo, Software Engineer
Luis Carlos grew up in small town in southern Spain. During his high school years he worked part time as web developer and dedicated to spread the word of free software, even though nobody really knew what he was talking about.

To fulfill his passion for networking technologies, Luis Carlos obtained a Telecommunications Engineer degree from UPM in Madrid and a MSc in Electrical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

In 2006 he joined cozybit attracted by the opportunity to transform his technical skills and creativity into next-generation embedded wireless products.

Andrey Yurovsky, Software Engineer

To engage his compulsion to piece things together, Andrey pursued a degree in Computer Engineering at UC Santa Cruz. He believes in the infinite possibilities of open source and Linux and appreciates working at cozybit where that vision is encouraged.

Andrey enjoys designing robots, taking apart his car, and sharing the magic and excitement of embedded systems with others.

Alex Herrera CFO, Founder
Alex Herrera holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineering, and an MBA from IESE. He has over 8 years of experience in business development and strategic consulting. He has lead projects for Telefonica, Indra and other telecommunication companies in several countries.

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